Cynthia M. DuBois is a professional organizer serving those who seek help with Compulsive Hoarding in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Northshore, and the surrounding areas. Her services include the following:

Home Organization Services and Help with Compulsive Hoarding

  • Assistance in discovering what your real interests are and emphasizing those
  • Personalized in-home decluttering and organizing
  • Clutter control
  • Teaching of basic organizing skills
  • Organizing your home office
  • Teaching of basic care for special objects
  • Assistance for maintaining organized areas
  • Assistance for daily tasks, special projects or “problem areas”
  • Assistance in disaster preparedness
  • Assistance in recovery from flooding/disaster

Business & Home Office Organization Services

  • Design of projects and implementation plans
  • Supervision and problem-solving for special projects
  • Creative solutions within specific parameters and budgets
  • Organization of records/collections of items
  • Designing protocols to maintain organization
  • Assistance in disaster preparedness
  • Assistance in disaster recovery
  • Corporate files and documents
  • Medical terminology
  • Legal terminology

Services can be provided on an as-needed or on-going basis. Please call or email for rates.